Formed during an informal jam during the 1989 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Art Neville, George Porter Jr., and Russell Batiste Jr., founded what would be the core of the funky METERS.  The history of founding members Art Neville and George Porter Jr. dates back to 1967, when keyboardist, Art recruited bass player, George, drummer Joseph (Zigaboo) Modeliste and guitarist Leo Nocentelli to form The Meters. In their 31-year history, The Meters have grooved their way around the globe. The Meters gained notoriety in the rock music community including with musicians Paul McCartney, Robert Palmer and The Rolling Stones. They also toured with The Rolling Stones, and served as the studio band for such diverse artists as Dr. John, Robert Palmer, and Patti Labelle. The original Meters disbanded in the late 70’s. Today founding members Art Neville and George Porter Jr., are joined by New Orleans native Brian Stoltz on guitar and Russell Batiste Jr. on drums and are known officially as the funky METERS. funky METERS tap into the roots of The Meters musical heritage while taking the sound well into the future. Their trademark sound blends funk, blues, and dance grooves with a New Orleans vibe.

In 1994, Art and George were joined by guitarist Brian Stoltz and Russell Batiste and officially christened The Funky METERS. This lineup carried the funk torch until the spring of 2007 when Stoltz left to pursue his solo career and Ian Neville, the son of Meters founder Art Neville joined the line up taking over guitar duties. Growing up in the Neville house of music and touring with The Neville Brothers, as well Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk, Ian was poised to step in to help bring the band into the future. In 2011, Brian Stoltz was invited to play with funky METERS when Ian was committed to his band, Dumpstaphunk, gigs. Once the band was onstage it was if they hadn’t skipped a beat, the band and audience both knew Brian was meant to be there. After four years with Ian in the band, the time came for him to focus on his own band’s success and funky METERS invited Brian to rejoin full time.

2014 saw a changing of the guardian of the groove.  After an amazing 20+
year run with David Russell Batiste, Jr. holding down the drum throne, funky
METERS welcomed Terrence Houston to the band as the new groove guardian.
"I'm honored that I've been given the opportunity to share the stage with a
group of legends"
, says Terrence.

The collective resume between the four artists in the band speaks volumes
for the level of musicianship and creativity that comes alive when they play
together on any stage.  After three years of solid touring including dates
at Bonnaroo, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Jamcruise, The Fillmore
Auditorium and countless others the funky METERS are stronger than ever.  In
fact, the funk is still going as strong today as it was 40 plus years ago.